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Microlab offers a wide range of broad and narrowband diplexers and triplexers to meet the rigorous demands of the wireless market. The focus is to provide extremely broad bandwidths, with minimum loss and low PIM. The most suitable design technique for such requirements is often the suspended substrate which has low loss and has the cost benefit of being tuned by design. Such units have become a very important building block in the combining of multiple signals being distributed in Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS.

Products Available

Datasheet Description
BK-10N 698-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-12D 80-960/1710-2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-12N 80-960/1710-2700 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-20D 698-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-20N 698-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-21D 80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, 7-16
BK-21N 80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, N
BK-22D 380-520/800-960 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-22N 380-520/800-960 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-24D 80-520/698-2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-24N 80-520/698-2700 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-25D 1710-1880/1920-2170 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-26N 380-2700/3300-6000 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-30F Mini Triplexer, GSM/DCS/UMTS, SMA
BK-30N Mini Triplexer, GSM/DCS/UMTS, N
BK-40D 824-894/1850-1990 MHz Diplexer, Dual, 7-16
BK-40N 824-894/1850-1990 MHz Diplexer, Dual, N
BK-51D 698-960/2500-2690 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-51N 698-960/2500-2690 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-52D 1710-2170/2500-2690 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-52N 1710-2170/2500-2690 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-67N 80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, N
BK-68N 80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, N
BK-71N 698-973/824-894 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-80D 800/1900 MHz Antenna Diplexer, 7-16
BK-81N Cellular-WLAN Diplexer, EN Approved Trains, N
BK-90D 800/1900 MHz Base Diplexer, 7-16


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