DC Block

DC Blocks

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Microlab DC Blocks are used to prevent the flow of direct current and low frequency current surges along the inner and/or the outer conductors of a transmission line, while permitting the unimpeded flow of RF signals. Applications include the blocking of current surges that can occur in subway tunnels and rail systems, at base-station/cell-sites during lightening storms, to route DC to tower mounted amplifiers (TMA’s) or whenever DC isolation is required. Units are available with a DC block on the inner and/or outer conductor, and all units are built with special attention to effects of PIM.

Products Available

Datasheet Description
HR-10N inner, 100 - 4000 MHz, SMA
HR-10N inner, 100 - 4000 MHz, N
HR-20D Inner, 380 - 2700 MHz, 7-16 (HR-D36)
HR-20N Inner, 380 - 2700 MHz, N (HR-D34)
HR-20T Inner, 698 - 4000 MHz, TNC
HR-21D Outer, 380 - 2500 MHz, 7-16
HR-21N Outer, 380 - 2500 MHz, N (HR-D12)
HR-22D In/outer, 380 - 2500 MHz, 7-16
HR-22N In/outer, 380 - 2500 MHz, N (HR-D11)
HR-25D Inner, 380 - 2700 MHz, 7-16
HR-25N Inner, 380 - 2700 MHz, N
HR-D11 Renumbered as HR-22N
HR-D12 Renumbered as HR-21N
HR-D34 Renumbered as HR-20N
HR-D36 Renumbered as HR-20D